Phone: +372 5580 299
Address: Koplipere tee 29, Rae küla, Harjumaa 75310
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Availability of specialists, repair facilities and the necessary technical equipment allow our company to provide the following services:
- diagnostics and repair of hydraulic hammers
- modernization and warranty repair of hydraulic hammers
- installation of hydraulic hammers on excavators and 
- testing of hydraulic systems
- charging HP accumulators and nitrogen gas chambers
- replacement of chisels
- retrofitting, replacement of worn parts
- refinement of appearance, followed by quality painting
- dispatch of our maintenance crew to any part of Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania
We also offer:
- diagnosis and repair of hydraulic hammers
- replacement of worn parts
- crack removal
- restoration of the piston mirror
- overhaul
- top bracket manufacturing
If you have any questions, please contact our consultants directly.